Monday, 15 March 2021

Dreaming dreams

Sometimes God speaks to us in different and unique ways. We are grateful to Iris Gouws for sharing with all of us her recent encounter with Jesus.  

On 28th February at 6:45 am I was woken up with a wonderful dream. I was talking with a group of people telling them that Jesus is coming soon when suddenly He (Jesus) was standing right there with us! Oh, the joy I experienced!! Can't describe it, it was absolutely amazing.

I have taken some time to reflect on this dream and the thought that has come to me is this - let us be sure in our own hearts that we are ready to meet our Saviour, no one knows exactly when He (Jesus) will return, but this is an encouragement for us all to be sure of our faith, because He is coming soon. 

In Acts 2:17 we read - "...and your old men shall dream dreams. I have never before had a dream with such clarity, I knew it was Jesus standing there, my heart was so full of joy. Knowing that my Saviour is coming soon."

Question: How has God been speaking to you during this season of Lent? 

Living in Grace

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