Monday, 1 March 2021

The meaning of the Cross


Today's Lent reflection is from Mike Shaw - thank you so much Mike:

"As a child I remember we learnt about good and evil at Sunday School. The 'rules' that God gave us for living were very important for us and I recall that the Cross became like my badge - the side I was on.

As an adolescent I continued to attend church, did confirmation, learnt about the Apostles Creed, began to increase my knowledge of the Scriptures and the meaning of the Law. As the way ahead widened and challenges increased, my resolve to remain faithful was still evident. The Cross continued to represent the side I was on.

As an adult, pressure began to build up from all sides. I felt it on my heart, from work in the Engineering profession and greater responsibilities. I experienced the good and bad, as well as the 'grey' in-between. Life was full of choices and big decisions to make. I sometimes wondered if it was an intellectual decision to remain in the Christian fold and to keep faithful through these tough situations. However, I realised it was God who made the seed grow in my life.

As the years passed and my knowledge of the Scriptures increased, the New Covenant opened up a new relationship with God for me. I knew I could pray directly to the Father and this was liberating. I followed this way and have seen the eventual outcome many times and have known what Joy is. The Cross reminds me of God's spiritual presence and His supernatural presence.

As an old man (in my 90's), I fully understand that God's way of communicating with us is through the Bible. The love of God is on display for all humankind to see - we don't need any language to communicate this. This is what the Cross of Christ means to me."

Living in grace


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