Monday, 31 August 2020

Finding your way in the dark

 A man in the dark | 38 | *Berlín* | Flickr

Finding you way in the dark is not an easy exercise. 

When the lights go out due to unexpected power failures, load-shedding, or no money in the meter, then you have to resort to stumbling around in the dark. Of course the better you know your home, the easier it is to work out where you are and to make a plan. This reminds me of a lovely quote:

Alexander Maclaren, the 19th Century Scottich preacher said that, "Those who know the path to God, can find it in the dark."

When our lives are filled with sudden darkness, let us not lose hope but rather find our way back to the heart of God. Walk the well trodden path and know that God is still at Home.

Luke 15:20 “So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long distance away, his father saw him coming, and was filled with loving pity and ran and embraced him and kissed him."

Living in Grace


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