Thursday, 28 May 2020


Conductor adds Insight Stream to its Searchlight platform
"The Lord's searchlight penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive." - Proverbs 20:27

What image comes to your mind when you think of a searchlight? 
I have in my mind a massive bright light, scanning the surrounding countryside, revealing anything that may be hidden in the darkness. I guess a Lighthouse is a kind of searchlight, except it's function is mainly to reveal itself and thus warn ships of where the coastline is. A searchlight has a different function - it is to reveal and find.

Now, I want to ask us: what emotion comes to your mind when you think about a searchlight? 

Yes, it is a strange question perhaps, but let me expand. When the writer of Proverbs suggests that the Spirit acts like a searchlight for our hearts, this picture can do one of two things. It can either fill you with anxiety - oh man, what is God going to find in my heart? 


It can fill you with relief and hope. Many of our hearts are feeling the weight and strain of Covid-19, and some of us are feeling lost. Our emotions are like a frightened animal hiding in the shadows, afraid of what is out there. The searchlight of God's spirit FINDS us again and reminds us that we are God's chosen and beloved. 

The Father sends the Spirit to bring comfort to the lost and bewildered.

Let God's promises shine on your problems. ~Corrie Ten Boom

Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message. ~Malcolm Muggeridge

Living in Grace

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