Sunday, 5 May 2019

Remember how it felt?

When we were a lot younger, Kim and I enjoyed a season of travelling overseas. Our adventures took us to many foreign countries and on the odd occasion we found ourselves LOST in a strange land. These were in the days before cell-phones and Google-maps, so if we couldn't rely on a printed map, we had to ask a "human-being" for directions. It was always such a relief to find our way again and end up at our destination.

Can you remember a time when you have been lost? It doesn't feel good does it?
I feel that as Christ-followers we tend to forget what it feels like being lost. We may have been in the church for so long that we literally can't remember how it feels anymore.

As we commit to follow Jesus let us also be on the look out for those who may have found themselves lost along the way.

Luke 19:10 - The Son of God came to seek and save the Lost.

Jesus seeks out the lost.
Jesus helps us find our way home.

Living in Grace

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