Sunday, 12 May 2019

In Your Strength

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Where do you draw your strength from? We all turn to something or someone to help us through each day. Some people turn to 'themselves', claiming that there is no one else to trust. I really understand this mindset, because in this way, we don't have to rely on anyone else. 

Some of us turn to other people and many times, they do offer us support and encouragement. However, we also experience the pain of being let down or disappointed by the frailty of people.

The writer of Psalm 21, mentions the phrase "in your strength, Lord" in his opening verse and as he closes the Psalm. He has made his decision - and it is rely on the STRENGTH of the LORD.

"The king rejoices in your strength, Lord.
    How great is his joy in the victories you give!" - Psalm 21:1

"Be exalted in your strength, Lord;
    we will sing and praise your might." - Psalm 21: 13

Living in Grace

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