Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Live for something more

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I have noticed that when churches, communities and organisations become so focused on themselves, they start to breakdown from the inside. Petty arguments, disagreements and issues become our focal point and sap most of our energy. However, when we return to the 'reason for our existence' (for Churches that is to Love God and Love Others), we begin to let go of the trivial stuff and realise the importance of our mission.

I could sum this up by saying: When we live for something/someone else, we come alive and focus on what it life-giving instead of the petty issues.

Stephen Gaukroger – “When local churches are absorbed with ‘external’ needs, ‘internal’ issues (such as worship and unity), are not major sources of contention… Let us get our Churches focused upwards to God and outwards to the world.”
What trivial matters are sapping your energy at the moment?

Living in Grace

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