Monday, 7 February 2011

To Fast

Remember the old cassette tapes? I know that they seem a distant memory, but I am sure you can remember them. It was always a pain trying to get to your favourite song on the tape because you had to hit FF (fast forward) and when you had gone to far, it was the turn of the RR (rewind) button!

The thing with a cassette is that your favourite song only sounds good when you press 'play.' It sounds horrendous in FF or RR! I think the same is true of our lives. Many of us are trying to sing our songs in FF or RR and it doesn't sound so good. Living at full speed is alright for a time, because it gets us to a place or a moment, but the trouble is that when we get there (wherever 'there' is), we don't often stop, put our feet up and listen to that song.

Is it time to take our fingers of the FF button and to let God speak to us at normal speed.
Just asking?

Living in Grace,

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Michelle said...

Yes it must be time for that. But also our life is full of journeys to our "favorite song", we ought to enjoy the journey too, God is there too. :)