Monday, 14 February 2011

Hate is blind

On this Valentine's day one should be talking and reflecting on Love and I want to follow suite. Remember the old saying, 'love is blind?' Well, I was reading a devotion by Eugene Peterson today and he challenges us to reflect on the fact that love may be blind (in some cases) but not with God. God loves us unconditionally - that is not blindness, that is GRACE. God knows and sees all my faults and sins, but through Jesus Christ, God still chooses to love me. That's a miracle.

However, Peterson argues that it is rather 'hate that is blind!' When I harbour hatred and resentment in my spirit then I am blind to the good in others. When I allow hate to control my emotions then I am blinded to the good I should do.

I find this a challenging thought - what about you?

So, perhaps Love isn't blind after all - especially if we are referring to God's love.

Living in Grace,


Phil Davies said...

Hi Delme

Sorry I am a day behind! On East Coast radio yesterday,a guy was talking about his theory that we can only give away to others what we have in ourselves. If we are filled with hatred that is all we can offer to others. It is so true, if I am angry it is impossible to be nice to others.

Delme Linscott said...

Thats very powerful Phil. It is true.
See you on Sunday