Friday, 18 February 2011


This morning I was driving from Petrol station to Petrol station trying to fill up with petrol. I eventually managed to find one that had unleaded petrol, but I was getting worried for a moment. While I was driving around something made me tilt my head left and look at the petrol gauge from a side view - it definitely looked a lot better. The gauge showed I had a quarter of a tank. However, when I carried on with my experiment and tilted my head 'right' the gauge was in the red. Both were inaccurate - the truth lay somewhere in the middle.

When you are facing a situation, which way are you looking at it? If our perspective is tilted to much to the one side we may panic unnecessarily. However, if our perspective is at the opposite extreme, we may think all is fine, when we need to be preparing for action.

Let's seek the balance.

Living in Grace,

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