Thursday, 20 May 2010


I leave for the Church's 3 day Synod now. I would be lying if told you that I was motivated and excited about going to sit for 3 days. Sure, some of the discussion will be alright, the fellowship with other Christians will be good, but overall I normally come back home feeling deflated and saddened. Well, that has been my experience in previous years.

However, this year I am praying that I will not come back a 'beaten' man. I am going with a positive mindset and I am going to seek the good in the frail organisation (a.k.a 'Methodist Church'). Please pray with me and for the whole Synod. This is one of the few times a year the 'people called Methodist' get together and we need God to inspire us. Oh how I long for the fire of Pentecost to set fire to our Church again.

I had to laugh at these quotes about meetings:

“A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.” - James Kirk

“Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything.” - John Kenneth Galbraith

How efficient are your meetings? Let me know!

Living in Grace,

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Jenny Hillebrand said...

I hope it does go well. Praying for you all!