Tuesday, 25 May 2010

God knows what to say

I have shared a little insight into my experiences over the last couple of days and what has been so amazing is to realise that God still speaks clearly to us. In the midst of my post-Synod blues I was reading these words from Thomas a Kempis and it was as if they were written for me.

"If discouraging and unpleasant days come, don't be despondent or defeated. Stand strong in God and bear whatever you must to the glory of Jesus Christ. For after winter, summer comes; after night, the day returns; and after a storm, calm is restored." - Thomas a Kempis

How awesome is that? It says to me that God cares! It reminds me that the Spirit of God is alive and that no matter what we go through God knows what we need. If you had given up on God for a moment, please hang on to this the truth that Thomas a Kempis reminds us of...

"after night, the day returns!"

May the Spirit of Christ be real for you this day!
Blessings my friend,

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