Monday, 24 May 2010

I Tried!

I tried! I promise you, I really tried!
I am talking about the Synod I have just endured for the past 3 days. I tried to be positive - I tried to look past the power struggles and blatant incompetence from some of our leaders. I tried to build bridges across the divides of our differences. I really tried!

But, I failed! I have come home feeling beaten and demoralised. I am not sure that I can endure another Synod! I fear it will shattered the last drop of enthusiasm I have for the institution called 'Church!' If you want to read a really good and objective view of the synod please read my friend, David Barbour's comments - they are worthwhile.

On the other hand, I am grateful for God's redeeming Grace. God has a way of changing the bad into good. I arrived back to Wesley Methodist (my home society) and we had an awesome day of Pentecost. The two services in the morning went well and then we had an afternoon of sessions on the Holy Spirit (as part of the Alpha course). Our evening service continued on this theme and we were blessed to see many people being ministered too. The power of the Spirit was tangible and one could sense that God was with us.

So, I am grateful for the quick way in which the Lord showed me the 'other side' of the church. A place where people are earnestly seeking Jesus and are willing to be lead by his Spirit. A place where people are not interested in any other power, except the POWER OF THE SPIRIT.

Prayer request: If you are part of any church denomination, please pray for your leaders and the 'structures' of that body. Our churches need leaders to arise from the dust of collapsing organisations. Perhaps it is time for another Pentecost mixed with a huge dose of Reformation!

Living in Grace,

Photo of Broken Church from here


Simon Thomas said...

I have sat through a Synod or two myself so you have my sympathies. Not very spiritually uplifting experinece, did they at least have a decent book table at this one? then you could read while the waffling went on.
Blessings in Christ

Delme Linscott said...

They did have a book table Simon, but I was sitting at the 'top' table trying to take minutes of the discussions - that was a real test of patience.
Thanks for the sympathies.

David Barbour said...

Don't let Delme fool you guys.. he was sitting at the top table playing PC games on his laptop having a great Synod.
A bow in honour to be quoted in your blog :)