Sunday, 28 March 2010

We've Lost!

This Palm Sunday I have been struck most by John 12:19 (from the New Living Translation). As the pharisees noticed the crowds of people following Jesus, they said these words:
"We've Lost!"

For them, they saw Jesus as a threat. He was turning 'their' people away from them. Jesus was preaching with authority. His influence was perhaps affecting their bank balances. Everything about Jesus was really irritating them. They were 'losing' and Jesus was winning. So, they conjured up a plan to make sure that Jesus stopped gaining the edge - their plan was murder!

Sometimes in Church circles we also worry about 'winning' and 'losing'. If a particular church seems to be 'drawing' people we start to get jealous. We start to get uneasy and often we allow our feelings to become vocal. We may even feel as if we are losing and they are winning.

The ironic thing about Jesus and Pharisees was that Jesus actually came to be on their 'side' first of all, but they refused to accept him (John 1:11-12). If Jesus had chosen a team to play for, he would have chosen the Jewish one - after all he was Jewish. Sadly, he was rejected by his own people and that's when he preached the Good News to everyone. Their loss became our gain.

May our bitterness never prevent us from seeing the 'Truth' of Jesus' mission.

Living in Grace,

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