Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How many Bibles are there?

Just out of interest, how many Bibles, would you guess, exist in the world today?

Here is the answer:

"There are over 1,000 different types of bibles; and there are all together (bibles made) about 6,000,000,000, add or subtract 1000. The Christian Bible is the bestselling book of all time!"

With the world's population being over 6 Billion, it seems as if there are enough Bibles printed to get 1 into the hands of ever person, yet some people have too many Bibles and some have no access to them at all.

After all, how many Bibles do we need in any case? I think I must have well over 20 on my book shelf (now that's a bit greedy) and I am reading the Scriptures more from my phone/computer nowadays. So I think it is about time I started to give them away.

What do you think? How many Bibles do you own?

Another thought:
We can't assume that just because a person has a Bible that they read it or are changed by it. If this were true, most of the planet would be Christians. Surely, the challenge is bigger than just getting a Bible into the hands of people (which the Gideons do very well), it has to be about teaching people how to read it!

So, the real question, should be:
'How often do you read ANY of your Bibles?'

Keep reading my friends!

Living in Grace,


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