Thursday, 25 March 2010


Most of you will read this on Friday (or close to it).
Most of us are excited that it is the weekend:)
Most of us are planning some exciting things over the next few days.
Most of us parents will have our kids at home over the holidays, which is great!
Most of us will be genuine as we pray, "Thank you Lord that it's Friday!"

I pray that 'most' of us will remember that next Friday we mark as no ordinary Friday. It will be GOOD FRIDAY. Tomorrow will be an exciting Friday for me, as we launch my new book, but next Friday is more important for me. I write, blog, live, preach, breathe, love and dream, all because of next Friday.

Good Friday will remind me of my sin and my incredible need of a Saviour. Good Friday will remind me that it should have been me on the cross, but Jesus died in my place.
Good Friday reminds me that through the death of Jesus, I am granted eternal life!

Enjoy your Friday, but please don't forget next Friday!

Living in Grace,

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