Monday, 2 December 2019


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"Attention! Let all the people of the world listen!    Let the earth and everything in it hear." - Micah 1:2a

The call to Attention is probably most commonly associated with soldiers being called to get in line and prepare themselves for action. Just one loud shout of the word Attention is enough to have everyone ready to receive their next instructions. 

When Micah uses the same word he is calling everyone to a similar place of readiness. He is wanting us to gather our minds, bodies and spirits to listen to the instructions from God. God has something important to say and Micah wants people to hear it!

There are other definitions of Attention that may be helpful for us in this season of Advent. They all speak into the noise of our world and call for us to listen.

'the act of applying the mind'
'condition of readiness'
'sympathetic consideration of the needs of others' (Miriam-Webster Dictionary)

As we move deeper into Advent let us be conscious of God's invitation for us to pay Attention. God wants to speak to us - we just need to place ourselves in a condition of readiness.

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