Thursday, 27 June 2019

Rejoicing in work

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“O Lord, renew our spirits and draw our hearts to yourself,
That our work may not be to us a burden, but a delight.
Let us serve you with the spirit of bondage like slaves,
But with freedom and gladness,
Delighting in you and rejoicing in your work,
For Jesus Christ’s sake.”Benjamin Jenks

When it comes to serving others, it makes a huge difference if we commit ourselves to the tasks out of love or out of bondage. A servant who does the minimum, just to avoid being scolded by their harsh master, is unlikely to go the extra mile for that same person. 

However, a servant who knows they are loved and respected by their Lord, will usually go beyond the required limit, just to be a delight to the one who employs them.When we serve Christ, which servant are we? Do we serve out of fear or because we delight in our Saviour?

Living in Grace

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