Thursday, 20 December 2018

Remember and Keep

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December is usually such a busy time that stopping for a while to reflect and remember is not always possible. However, I do believe that it is such a important discipline for us, that 'making time' for it should be a priority (in my humble opinion.)

In his final word to the people of Israel, Malachi records the voice of the Lord saying:

“Remember and keep the revelation I gave through my servant Moses, the revelation I commanded at Horeb for all Israel, all the rules and procedures for right living." - Malachi 4:4

We remember the REVELATION of God as he sent Jesus into the world.
We reflect and remember what his Salvation means for us.
We remember how far we have drifted from God's grace.
We remember our need to return to the way of God (right living).
We remember those who have passed away, along the journey of life.
We remember the 'WORD made FLESH' so that we can KEEP his message in our hearts.

"Remember God's goodness,
O thou Man, O thou Man, 
Remember God's goodness 
 And promise made. 
Remember God's goodness, 
How his only Son he sent 
Our sins for to redress. 
 Be not afraid." - Thomas Ravenscroft

Living in Grace

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