Friday, 26 October 2018

Happy place?

So where is your HAPPY place? Where do you find yourself at peace and the most content? Is there a place that you like to find 'refuge' in - to flee back too in order to connect with God and yourself?
There are a few places that I love going to for this purpose, but the best is the BEACH. Let me walk on the beach or just sit and watch the waves and I am happy. The stress of life evaporates quickly when I smell the sea and hear the ocean.

So where is your happy place?

Coming back to our Psalm for the week, we see that David doesn't need a place to go to, but rather desires to be in the presence of God - that is his place of contentment. When David spent time with the Lord he felt at peace and restored.

Psalm 46:1God is our protection and our strength.
    He always helps in times of trouble.

Living in Grace

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