Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Graced Edge

Some of us call it a ‘silver-lining’ – that belief that even in the midst of a dark storm cloud, there will be something positive to focus on. Tilden Edwards rather refers to it as the “graced edge!” 

So, even if you took the worst of situations and you drew a line out from that epicentre, you will eventually come to a ‘graced edge’. For me, this is the place where we start to perceive the ‘silver-lining’ or light in the darkness.

No matter what we call it, our God believes in ‘graced edges’. 
You could even call the resurrection the biggest of graced edges – drawing a line from the agony of the cross will take you out beyond Friday, Saturday and will bring you to the morning of Sunday. 
 A Graced Edge!

May you find your own graced edge today.  Be blessed by God’s grace.


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