Monday, 7 October 2013

Famous Last Words

Most of us would be able to remember our Shakespeare from school days - Julius Caesar, MacBeth, Henry V and Hamlet. And I am sure that you can even remember Caesar's last words too:

"Et tu Brute!" (yes, you are right!)

How about the last words of the Bible? Do you know that one?

Yes, the answer is AMEN! (Revelation 22:21)

This Sunday evening we are starting a Preaching Series on the book of REVELATION - it is entitled 'Famous Last Words!' It will be looking at God's message to us, in John's Revelation. It is going to be an awesome time and we are so grateful for Dr Pete Grassow for sharing with us. Pete is a good friend and I have no doubt that he will deeply challenge us in this series. If you are in the area and you want to join us, please do - we start at 6pm.

God bless you and let us make sure that our 'words' leave a legacy.

Living in Grace

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