Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Life Apps

Modern language includes the term 'App', which stands for 'application software' and usually refers to our computers or phone Apps. You download them onto your phone and use them to access a whole range of things. I am not sure what you have on your phones, but I have a number of Apps on my phone, including, Bible Apps, Sports Apps, WhatsApp, Flipboard, News, Games, Kindle, Twitter and so on.

If I am honest, there are one or two apps that I have downloaded, but which I haven't used as yet. This is hugely ironic, I guess. If I download an 'App' then surely I should be using it - application would be helpful:)

Many Christians are in a similar place with the Bible and Prayer. We know that if we read the Bible more and prayed more frequently, we would feel more connected with God, but we don't. We don't apply our faith in anyway and then we end up feeling frustrated.
Is this you?
What is God wanting you to Apply in your life?

This Sunday Evening we start a preaching series called 'Life Apps' - looking at various Applications that would help us on the Christian journey. Check this out for more details - Life Apps.

Living in Grace

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