Monday, 13 May 2013

The Power of Persistence

I started reading a really great book today, with the title "The Power of Persistence", written by Michael Catt (Executive producer of FIREPROOF movie and senior pastor of his Church). In the book he speaks mainly about the need for persistence in our prayer lives and he shares a number of powerful testimonies relating to this.

He reminds us that Christians can spend an average of 28 hours a week watching TV, but only 1 hour in prayer. If prayer is about Communion and relationship with God, then these stats tell us we are 28 times more likely to be in communion with our TV than we are with our Lord. This spells disaster for any relationship, but especially in our relationship with our Maker. It is no wonder we "feel" that our faith is average at best.

"Prayer is an admission of surrender.... An acknowledgement that I am not in charge of my life and that I am yielding to His will." - Michael Catt

Thought for today - who are you listening to at the moment? The voice of media and TV or the guidance of God? What is your average TV time versus prayer time?

Be challenged to do something today!

Living in Grace

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