Thursday, 30 May 2013


When we ask the boys to do something for us, they love to tell us that they are "just"going to do another thing and then they will do what we ask. So, here is an example:

Q: "Boys, please take your plates to the kitchen."
A: "We are "just" playing - we will do it soon."

Does this sound familiar?
"I will do that important task, but I "just" need to procrastinate a little longer!"

This simple word "just" can also imply spiritual procrastination of dangerous proportions. It can take this form:
I will commit my life to God later - I "just" need to sort my studies out.
I will go back to church - I am "just" so busy at the moment.
I will pray with my kids sometime - the time "just" doesn't seem right.
I would love to read my bible more, but it "just" seems like an effort right now.

What is your "just" excuse at the moment?
Don't you think it is time to "just" stop making excuses?!

I am just asking...

Living in Grace

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Lisa Akerman said...

I thought it was just my sons... But the sadness is its me too who will just get closer to God the moment I have ticked something off my list.
Thank you for the reminder.