Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Toyohiko Kagawa on Love

How many Japanese Christians do you know? I have heard of one or two, but the words of Toyohiko Kagawa reveal the depth of his faith in Christ and make me want to find out more about the church in Japan. He wrote:

"Love alone introduces me to God. Love is my sanctuary - in field, city street, in bedroom, office, kitchen, sickroom. I have my sanctuary everywhere I go in the universe. Where Love is, there God is ... Love is the ultimate religion. Classify me not by creed: I belong to nothing but Love. Jesus it was who taught that it should be so. Jesus never said that men were to be shunned for their creeds. Love is the ultimate revelation, the final sanctuary."

May these words encourage you and inspire you to Love like Jesus.

Living in Grace

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