Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rest in Peace Steve

I join with many sad family and friends as we mourn the loss of Prof Steve De Gruchy. While tubing with his family on Sunday, tragedy struck and he went missing in the river. His body was found this morning. We are all in shock and send our prayers, love and support to his family.

Last Friday Steve and I briefly chatted while we were both making photocopies at the Varsity. He asked how I was doing and I enquired about his heavy workload. His daughter stood next to him whilst we chatted and I remember thinking, "She loves and admires her dad! How awesome!"
Little did I ever expect the tragedy that has now unfolded.

Although we were not close friends, in a sense, I still feel an overwhelming heaviness and numbness. It should not end like this:(

Pray for the De Gruchy family at this time. The memorial service will be on Saturday.

Rest in Peace, Steve.

Living in Grace,

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