Monday, 16 November 2009

When in doubt...

I came across this powerful illustration last week and wanted to share it with you all (apologies to those who heard it on Sunday evening)...

"One summer, a man spent the day on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida. The undertow was unusually strong that day, and more than once, lifeguards jumped down from their towers to rescue swimmers from the treacherous surf. Finally, the man went to the lifeguard station to express his appreciation for the dedication of these men. When he walked inside, he noticed a sign on the wall in large red letters: "If in doubt, go!"
And the man said, "Those same words should be on the walls of every church and on the wall of every person’s soul."

So if it involves the Kingdom of God and bringing glory to Jesus, don't hesitate - GO! This is our call - there is no room for doubt!

Moved by Grace,

P.S. Thanks to for this story.

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