Thursday, 5 November 2009

Facing the Rogue Wave (1)

This Sunday morning (8th November) I will be preaching at Wesley Methodist on 'Facing the Rogue Wave'. If you are around at 7:45am or 9:30am it would awesome to see you there.

Mike Howell will be preaching on the concept of the "Bush Pig & Community" in the evening @ 6pm.

All in all it looks like an interesting Sunday! Just to clarify, all of these strange sermon's are TOTALLY linked in with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - just in case you were worried about us!

Living in Grace,

P.S. Thanks to Bill Hybels for the 'Rogue Wave' idea. Bill is the man! Mike also wants to thank Quin Bache for being the inspirational 'Bush Pig' - you are the man!

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