Monday, 23 November 2009

3 simple words

We can communicate strongly in just 3 simple words.
- I love you
- Count on me
- Please forgive me
- You are hopeless
- I hate you

Every one of these comments has the power to transform our lives. Jesus didn't need a lot of words to tell us how he much he loved us. Here are a few:

"Father forgive them."
"It is finished."
"Come to me."
"Love one another."
"Don't be afraid."

Don't over complicate your relationship with Christ. It will always remain the most profound relationship we will ever experience, but it starts with 3 simple words..."Jesus loves me." From there on, we get to live in response to Christ's love for us.

Have you ever spoken 3 'simple' words to someone else (or had them spoken to you)? What were they - I'd love to know?

Living in Grace (3 words)

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