Saturday, 21 November 2009

Stumble upon

Sometimes the most powerful things we get to experience are not pre-planned. We literally stumble upon them or they suddenly appear before us. I was doing some reading for the services tomorrow and I came across this prayer. I hope that it will encourage you as much as it 'spoke' to me...

"All-present God,
today I kneel before you in the knowledge
that you are not far from me - on the contrary:
you are as close to me as my own heartbeat."
- Solly Ozrovech

I needed this prayer for my 'soul' today. I hope that we will all remember that God is as close to us as our own heartbeat.

If you have 20 seconds, why don't you close your eyes and breathe slowly - can you 'feel' your heartbeat? In every beat of your heart - God has been present.
Amazing hey!

Grace is defined in the beat of our hearts.

Living in Grace,

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