Thursday, 4 August 2022

Strengthen my faith

For those who receive this blog via email I notice that there is a big issue with the subscription service I was using - my apologies about that. I am working on sorting this out, but in the meantime, please access the devotion directly from this site ( or via Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support. 

For some inspiration, here is a prayer from Martin Luther. I love his honest and reliance on God.

"Behold Lord,
An empty vessel that needs to be filled,
My Lord, fill it.
I am weak in faith;
Strengthen me.
I am cold in love;
Warm me and make me fervent,
That my love may go out to my neighbour.
I do not have a strong and firm faith;
At times I doubt and am unable to trust you.
O Lord, help me.
Strengthen my faith,
And my trust in you."

Have a blessed day.

Living in Grace


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