Saturday, 10 October 2020

Fulfill your promises

It is very easy to promise people things and then not to fulfill them. Perhaps some of us reading this today have experienced this in our own lives. I think it is wise that we all heed today's advice, where we are encouraged to fulfill the vows we make. God takes delight in us when we follow through with our promises to him.

"When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow. It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it. Do not let your mouth lead you into sin. And do not protest to the temple messenger, “My vow was a mistake.” Why should God be angry at what you say and destroy the work of your hands? Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore fear God." - Ecclesiastes 5:4-7

“Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them ...”- Stephen Richards

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