Thursday, 2 April 2020

'Sea of Troubles'

Sea of troubles | Melded Minds
I love the Sea and so you can understand my frustration at being only a few kilometers away from the ocean and yet not being able to get there, or even smell it at this time. Lockdown has forced all of us into new spaces and needing to make sacrifices, although missing the ocean is really not a major crisis compared to the genuine needs of the majority of us.

It was Shakespeare who wrote of a 'sea of troubles' (in Hamlet) and this is pertinent for everyone at this time. One trouble ripples into the next one until we can feel overwhelmed by the vast ocean of trials. However, it is into this sea of trouble that we must remember some of the core promises that come to us in the Scriptures. Where there is a great need, there is always a great God who is willing to step into the void created by our troubles.

Turning to our focal reading for this week we note the following sentiment:

"O Israel, hope in the Lord; for he is loving and kind and comes to us with armloads of salvation. He himself shall ransom Israel from her slavery to sin." - Psalm 130:7-8 (Living Bible)

This picture tells us that where we are (and are found in our sea of troubles), so God is also present. Michael Wilcock writes:  

"With Yahweh are three constant companions, Forgiveness, Covenant Love, and Redemption. Wherever he is, there they too will be found. And the psalmist also is not alone: with him come the rest of his people, for they too may be redeemed..."

When you get a moment read Psalm 130 again and place yourself as the one who writes the Psalm. It is a wonderful way of speaking to God in prayer and remembering God's promise to come to our aid.

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