Sunday, 19 April 2020

Common sense

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Common sense?!
Well, it seems to me that 'sense' may not be as 'common' as we think it is, especially when you look at some responses to the plea for social distancing and caution during lockdown. And what is more - what I think is common sense, may not be your version of sense at all. When the writer of Proverbs shares his thoughts with the people of Israel he makes a special plea for people to hold onto common sense:

"My child, 
Don't lose sight of common sense and discernment.
Hang onto them,
for they will refresh your soul.
They are like jewels on a nacklace.
They keep you safe on your way,
and your feet will not stumble.
You can go to bed without fear;
you will lie down and sleep soundly." - Proverbs 3:21-24 (NLT)

Just to back up these ancient words of wisdom, here are a few more quotes - just for the fun of it :)

"Common sense is like deodrant. The people who need it the most never use it." - Anon

“Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.” - Samuel Coleridge

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” - Thomas A. Edison 

“Common sense is not so common.” -  Voltaire

Stay safe my friends and let us practice 'common sense' and discernment during our time of lockdown.

Living in Grace

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