Friday, 25 October 2019


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Our world has fast fallen into a place where we enjoy elevating the sins and faults of others, most especially on social media. Sadly, us Christians have also taken up this practise in a mistaken claim of piety. However, I think it has more to do with us feeling 'better' about our own sins when we can point out the 'worse' sins in our neighbour. This is purely deflective behaviour - if I can cause enough noise on this issue, it will distract you from noticing my true faults and shortcomings.

Thomas a Kempis wrote clearly on this issue:

"Turn your attention upon yourself and beware of judging the deeds of other men, for in judging others a man labours vainly, often makes mistakes, and easily sins; whereas, in judging and taking stock of himself he does something that is always profitable."

In my words - We should all practise more self-reflection! This is what will change and transform our lives.

Living in Grace

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