Monday, 9 November 2015

To the Brave Ones - Brilliant local Artist

I am so blessed this morning to be listening to an Album entitled "To the Brave Ones". What makes it so special is that it has been produced by my friend Mark Counihan. Mark was a member of our Youth Group when I was serving as a Youth Pastor at Bryanston Methodist. Mark was always an energetic young man, but also full of nonsense at times :) I am just so humbled that God would use his talents to bless the world.

Please can I ask you to support his ministry and go and buy his album on itunes. It only costs R70. Yes, that is right - only R70 for a brilliant worship CD. (Go to itunes and type in 'To the Brave Ones' and you should find it.)

For those of you who have Facebook, click on this link

"Being brave means to know something, scary, difficult and dangerous, and doing it anway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it." - Emilie Autumn

God bless you.

Living in Grace

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