Sunday, 22 November 2015

Cause for a song?

"Take a good look at God’s wonders—
    they’ll take your breath away.
He converted sea to dry land;
    travellers crossed the river on foot.
    Now isn’t that cause for a song?" - Psalm 66:5-6

What makes you want to sing?
I tend to agree with king David, that when I look around at the wonders of God's creation that my soul is so uplifted that I want to sing. I am not sure that world wants to hear my singing voice, but certainly I am ready to lift my voice to the Lord.

So, let me ask us again - what in God's creation takes your breath away?
The waves crashing onto the rocks at sunrise?
The sound of thunder in the midst of an afternoon storm?
The song of the birds before dawn?
The clouds above the escarpment of the Mountains?
...Fill in the blank _________________________

May you be filled with the wonder of God today and may it give you cause to sing!

Living in grace

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