Saturday, 21 November 2015

Putting on a Brave face

Are you putting on a "Brave" face today?
So often we feel that we have to pretend that we are doing OK, because we don't want the world to know that we are struggling inside. I am not sure where the idiom, "putting on a brave face" comes from, but it implies that when things are difficult for us, we put on a smile and pretend that life is fine.

Putting on any mask may cover our emotions and true feelings for a while, but we can't hide from the Lord. In fact, we should want to hide from him, because God is the one who truly knows how we are feeling and desires to make us whole again.

So, before you put on a "brave face" again, ask yourself if it wouldn't be best to find a friend to speak to - you never know how liberating that may be.

Living in Grace

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