Sunday, 19 April 2015

Draw a line under it....

When you say that you want to 'draw a line under something' you are implying that you want to be finished with it - it is done and you want to more on from that particular episode. Well, I want to DRAW A LINE under the 18th April!!

The day started off with much promise and excitement, but it ended in many tears, pain and disappointment in our family. When we eventually got to bed that evening, I was so 'over the day' that I was ready to draw a line under it and pray that today would be better (which thank Goodness it has been.)

So, what do you want to 'draw a line under?'
Is it a particular behaviour?
Is it a thought pattern?
Is it a traumatic incident?
Is it something that was said to you?
It is a bad day?

I believe that we can draw the line under our bad days with HOPE that tomorrow will be better. We are people of the Resurrection and so God can always make things better. For us, the pain still lingers, but the promise of a brighter tomorrow gives us the strength to persevere for one more day.

Luke 20: 36 - "They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection."

Living in Grace

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