Thursday, 30 April 2015

A prayer for the Unemployed

We celebrate "Worker's Day" tomorrow the 1st May and it is good to be able to recognise the contributions of millions of workers around the country. However, I would like to offer up a prayer for those millions of people who are unemployed.

We should never be quick to judge the unemployed, assuming that they are 'lazy', 'disinterested', 'unmotivated' or a 'drain' on our resources. Many unemployed people would love to find some form of work and to have that sense of self-worth every evening when they finish their jobs. Many people are desperate to find ANY job, in a hope of putting food on the table. Of course, there will be a number of people who fit our stereotype of the unemployed, but these are in the minority.

Here is my prayer for those who are struggling with no work at the moment:

"Lord, we know that work can be a blessing in so many ways.
It enables us to feed our families, cloth our children and provide shelter from the elements.
Work even gives us a sense of self-worth and dignity - we feel good when our sweat signals a job well done or a task complete.
In a spiritual sense, we feel closer to You when we can offer our talents for your glory.

But, when we are robbed of this JOY something dies inside us.
We are left wondering where our next meal will come from.
We are frustrated and left helpless when our kids ask for something we can't provide.
We are left feeling dejected when another person turns us away.

Lord, we are not lazy, or unmotivated - we long to work and use our strength for a worthy cause.
We long to come home with the clinking of coins in our pocket,
or to be able to say "Yes" when the kids ask for a simple treat.
We don't want to survive on handouts from others or to be looked down upon when we ask for help.

Our pride has taken a knock and we have lost a lot of our self-confidence.
We sometimes even feel worthless, although we know you don't think we are worthless.
It is just the feeling we get, when people say they have NO work for us.

Lord, in your mercy, please come to our rescue. You have promised to be our provider and we still believe in that, but our patience has run very thin. We are left in that awkward space of trying to believe in your Word, but experiencing something contrary to that promise.
You have asked us to pray to you, believing that you will give to us our 'Daily Bread',
but even that isn't coming anymore.

Lord, we can't hold out any more - please come quickly. We don't want to led down the path of temptation, but when our family cries with hunger pangs, we get desperate.
Lord, provide us a miracle today.
Please Lord.

Matthew 20:3-5 (Message) - “Later, about nine o’clock, the manager saw some other men hanging around the town square unemployed. He told them to go to work in his vineyard and he would pay them a fair wage. They went.

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