Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Misplaced trust

Although Jesus loved humanity deeply, he never placed his dependence and trust upon our goodness. He cared for his disciples and he loved them until his last breath, but Jesus was fully aware of their frailty and sin. The fact that he chose to love them, despite their imminent betrayal, means the world to me today. It teaches me that even though God knows I am going to mess up, He still loves me. Of course, this should never be an excuse to live irresponsibly, but rather to live from a place of gratitude.

"Do not be anxious for the shadow of a great name, for the close friendship of many, or for the particular affection of men. These things cause distraction and cast great darkness about the heart." - Thomas a Kempis

Jesus' mission was never to earn himself a great name, to win friends or to be popular. I am sure that he was hurt when the disciples deserted him in the garden, but he had already set his mind and heart on His Father's Kingdom. That made all the difference.

Living in Grace

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