Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A prayer for the clearing of my mind

I just love the prayer that emerges from today's reflection. It seems as if Thomas is having a hard time of it and so he writes a sincere prayer, asking God to help clear his mind. How often do we find ourselves unable to think clearly because we have some heavy weight on hearts and minds? May the words of this prayer offer you some hope today.

"Clear my thinking, Lord Jesus, with the light you shine within me. Chase all darkness from my mind. Check my wandering thoughts and fight for me. Enter into combat with these ugly beasts (his thoughts and temptations) so there may be peace 'inside your walls and safety in your palaces'. Command the stormy winds to cease; order the waves to be still. Create a great calm in me." -Thomas a Kempis

As we get closer to Good Friday, I can't help but think of Jesus' wrestling in prayer in Gethsemane - the more he prayed, the more he grew in strength. The more he wrestled with his imminent suffering, the more at peace he became. May we find the same thing happening in our souls - pray this prayer and see how God works in your heart.

Living in grace

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