Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Experience Peace

The first words Jesus spoke to the group of disciples, after his resurrection, are powerful indeed:

"Peace be with you." - John 20:19

The Lord speaks through the pen of Thomas a Kempis, saying...

"Everyone wants peace, but very few care for the things that produce it.  My peace is with the humble and gentle, and especially with the patient. If you will listen to me, and act accordingly, you will  enjoy much peace."  

What things in your life are preventing you from enjoying peace at the moment? Is it a habit, a job, a broken relationship, a sin or even just stress! Why don't you take 2 minutes out of your day right now and offer these things to God in prayer. Remember that "things" can never bring true peace - it is the work of the Spirit which enables us to rest in God's presence.

May we stay close to The Lord and enjoy His peace.

Living in grace

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