Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ironic twist

Little did I know that when I wrote my last blogpost that it would be speaking directly to my own life. A few days after writing, "Although life can be bleak",  I had my computer stolen whilst we were having a few days leave. It was a horrible feeling to have intruders in the place we were staying, taking our possessions, while we slept (I am sure that plenty of you can relate to incidence like this!) - in the end we were left feeling grateful that no one was harmed in the incident.

Even in the midst of this, Thomas a Kempis' thoughts have been speaking to me quietly. One of his devotions in the days after this incident said this:

"Be ready for battle if you want to win. Without struggling you cannot gain patience, and if you will not suffer, you refuse to be crowned."

I guess that if we experience suffering this Lenten period it makes us understand more acutely what our Lord Jesus went through for our sake. My suffering is nothing compared to the cross!

Any thoughts from your side? Please give me your feedback.
God bless and remember to live in His Grace.


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