Monday, 7 April 2014

Admitting our weakness

Today's reflection from our friend, Thomas, makes interesting reading. It still amazes me that he was writing in a totally different era to us (early 15th century) and yet I feel as if he is writing with an acute knowledge of our times.

"What a strange life! Trouble and misery are always in stock. Traps and enemies are abundant. When one problem retreats, another takes its place. And sometimes the second difficulty doesn't wait for the first to be resolved."

It is in the context of the life's troubles that he realizes his need of God. Thomas a Kempis needed to admit his own weaknesses. "You know how frail I am Lord. Have mercy on me."

Identifying our weaknesses and then admitting them to Jesus is a hard thing. As Humbling as it can be, I feel it puts us in a great place to receive mercy from God.

What are your weaknesses? Are you willing to admit them to God today?

Living in grace

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