Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Proactive Grace

The Faith For Daily Living today mentions a interesting concept - it speaks of 'proactive grace.' As I read that phrase I marvelled at the power of those 2 words and I am convinced of their truth.

Grace is never static and it is never weak. It is the love of God that seeks us out - if you like, it is God's grace that invades our space, asking for a response. God is the initiator of all Love and so when his grace collides with my world, I need to be willing to respond in some way. Of course, I can choose to ignore God's initial contact, but God will continue to be proactive, seeking ways to engage with me. God's grace is the highest display of love we will ever encounter and God desires us to wooed by his hand of grace.

Lately, what have we done to receive God's grace?

"God's mercy and grace give me hope - for myself, and for our world." - Billy Graham

May you encounter God's proactive Grace today,

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