Wednesday, 4 September 2013


There is a lot of talk about the decline of Christianity in Europe and especially in Britain. However, there was a time when Britain wasn't Christian at all. I have been sharing with my Church History class about how Britain first heard of Jesus Christ and how the people responded to the Gospel.

One such account tell of how, in 563 AD a man named Columba travelled from Ireland, hoping to reach Scotland. He and his followers landed at a place called Iona and established a 'mission station' there. It was from Iona that the rest of North Britain heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

During his life, Columba learnt to rely on the love and mercy of God. He wrote this powerful prayer to remind himself of God's protection and faithfulness. 

Alone with none but thee, my God,
I journey on my way.
What need I fear, when thou art near O king of night and day?
More safe am I within thy hand
Than if a host did round me stand.
(Columba, c.521 - 97)

We are safe in the hands of the Almighty God. This is a truth that Christians have experienced for centuries - believe it for yourself today!

Living in Grace

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