Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Heritage Day - Roots and Legacy

Heritage Day is always a special day for our family as its Nathan's birthday. His birth was quite traumatic for all of us, as there were a few complications, but we are so greatful that he is now just a happy-go-lucky kid. We can't believe he is 9 already!

Reflecting on the events of today, I believe that our Heritage is not just about our "roots" - where we come from, but equally about the Legacy we create for those who follow us. It goes without saying, that there would be no remembering our ancestors if we weren't born - heritage needs to be passed onto successive generations, who are willing to keep the "story" alive. So, in a sense we all stand in the middle of something profoundly significant. We get to pause and say thanks for our roots, but we are a vital link in the next part of the story. We get the privilege to decide how we pass on the story to our kids, grand kids and great grandkids.

I find this quite humbling indeed - what are your thoughts?

"I will be their heritage: I am their heritage!" - Ezekiel 44:28

Living in Grace

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