Saturday, 21 September 2013

Digging Deeper

Sometimes we just need to dig deeper.
If you are trying to plant a rose in the garden, you need to dig a little deeper than 6 inches. For the plant to survive and get better soil, you need to dig deeper.
If you want to build a shelter, you need to make sure that the corner poles are dug properly into the ground. Again a shallow hole won't suffice - you have to dig deeper.
If you want to study for a degree, you can't do minimal study and expect to pass - you must dig deeper and put in the long hours.

So, it is with faith. If we want a faith that is worthwhile and deep enough to survive, we need to dig deeper. We can't take "sips" of spirituality and expect to be satisfied. We need to go deeper.

So can I encourage you to dig deeper in whatever way is needed. The deeper you go the more the reward could be. We may just find some hidden treasure deeper in the soil.

Living in grace

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